What Is It?

The Miniviax is small model for a sun tracking photovoltaic assembly. It is controlled by a microcontroller based circuit board. The purpose of the model is to show the features of the circuit board. The mechanics was not built by me, but is a demonstration model I got hold of.

Main Features.

  • USB Interface
  • 2x20 Character LCD Display
  • Integrated real time clock and radio clock (DCF77) receiver
  • Graphical Control Software for Windows and Linux
  • Besides the microcontroller only few parts are needed
  • Cost for circuitry is less than 20 EUR (microcontoller included)


 Complete view of the Miniviax model.
Figure 1. Miniviax - Complete View
Image of Miniviax's gear and electronics.
Figure 2. Miniviax - Gear and Electronics

I would like to learn more about it!

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